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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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there it is. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shep. lombaba, baby. ♪ ♪ >> the o'reilly factor is on from boston. tonight. >> i have not made a decision. i have gotten options from our military. i had extense itive discussions with my national security team. >> bill: the world waiting anxiously to see if the u.s. will punish syria for using chem cam weapons. we will have the latest on this important story. >> still too much apathy when the lives of people of color are too often valued less than the lives of white people. >> is that true? does the establishment in america devalue the lives of minorities? we will discuss that provocative question with laura i can gram. >>
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>> bill: and should american workers be paid more than they get on welfare? today fast food workers demonstrated for more money and that is the topic of my talking points memo. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from massachusetts, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, reporting tonight from boston, thanks for watching us. the talking points memo on economic justice will be in the second segment this evening. first the lead story tonight the latest on syria. president obama has told pbs he hasn't made up his mind whether to launch military action against the assad regime for using poison gas against civilians. that is against the geneva convention and is a war crime. the president told assad he would punish him if chemical weapons were used
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so mr. obama some credibility on the line heater. there is some dissent about attacking syria as you know lots of countries are with us. shearer washington bureau from "time" magazine. wait until u.n. investigators finish investigation inside syria. how many years do you think that's going to take, michael? >> it should be done at the end of this week, friday the' inspectors will leave the country. they are planning to leave the country on friday and then they will report their results on saturday if that is the deadline that's how long you would have to it wavment the british parliament has also said they are talking about having another vote early next week whether b. mr. weather to have some authorized military force. the other issue is the u.n. inspectors are not trying to figure out who is responsible for these chemical attacks only whether or not a chemical attack happened. not clear how much more light on the situation the u.n. inspection report will
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shed. >> i was being facetious in my questioning because, you know, if history is our guideline, the u.n. has been very, very, ineffective if pinpointing anything. unless the obvious. but, i think the consensus is from israeli intelligence, u.s. intelligence, and nato intelligence that assad did it, however, there are some people that are never going to believe that and that brings me to the u.s. congress. now they are sending all kinds of missives to president obama demanding what? what is congress demand from the president right now? >> what they are demand something consultation and they are not really defining what that consultation means. it's pretty clear i think from the leadership point of view that they don't want to have to take a vote up or down authorizing this sort of a strike because it could put them on the wrong side of history not clear if john boehner in the house could hold vote together like that. what they do want is consultation and also want to reserve the right to complain about whatever happens afterwards if it goes wrong. so in the short-term what that means is that members
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of congress are asking the white house lots of pretty detailed questions about what the intelligence is, what the plan is for after an attack. and the white house is so far complying with that it's not clear though it will satisfy all concerns. >> bill: nothing ever satisfies all concerns. division. isolationists in this country and people like senator john mccain who want to punish assad so that debate is not going to go away but it looks to me and you correct me if i am wrong that any military action is going to be pushed back for at least a week and for at least more than that. >> we don't know for sure it will be pushed back a lot of timing issues here. >> obama is not going to do it without britain signing off on it he is not going to do with that. he is not going to alien nate congress. answer as many questions as can he process. iraq and weapons of mass
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destruction. the letters i get iraq, how could you -- that's overhanging everything here, right? >> overhangs the domestic debate in the u.s., the international debate very much an issue in the parliament in britain today when they were debating this. you know. issue is we are just 10 years out from authorizing use of force in a country over weapons of mass destruction. and the intelligence there was horribly bad and there is a real trust issue for the united states. and real issue for obama. this is a guy who got elected from opposing the iraq war. and now he very ironically finds himself in a very similar situation on the side of. >> he threw downtown the gauntlet against president obama saying you better not do it and he did it. now if president obama doesn't do anything about it the u.s. loses credibility everywhere. i will give you the last word. >> that's right. if president obama continues to have a coalition make it happen. he loses credibility. the whole point of the exercise is so show you there are consequence fuss
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drop consequences on your own people. not just u.s. cons againsts he has to find a way to carry out that threat. >> right in a decision to that i want to tell all the folks that putin has moved russian carrier, putin is is a supporter of assad into the mediterranean. so, this is a mess. michael, thanks as always. we appreciate it next on the rundown, president obama believes the american economic system is unjust. today thousands of fast food protesting higher wages for their labor. should they get it? we'll tell you in the talking points memo after these messages. ♪ [ male annouer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪ let's do our homework. ♪ let's look out for each other. let's look both ways before crossing. ♪
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[ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser? it's the easy way to erase any recent travel expense. i just pick a charge, like my flight with a few taps, it's taken care of. impressive baldwin. does it work for hotels? absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet? >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, economic justice that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. thousands of americans
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working in fast food places across the country demanding their wages be doubled to $15 an hour from the minimum 7.25. president obama is sympathetic to that and the left believing that our economic system is unjust to working americans so let's take a look at it beginning with my employment history ice cream stand played minimum wage free sundaes as a perk. i understood that i was a rookie in the labor force and could get an got my lifeguard and become a water safety instructor. immediately five times more money than i made at carvel. identify a hard time getting a job because beach place surrounded by money. next year i needed more money because college demanded it. so i started a painting business.
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i rounded up some of my thug friends and we painted houses for very reasonable price. we made a ton of money. i did that for five summers. even after i graduated supplements my very low income as a high school teacher then i went to grad school drove a taxi. flex sble off the books. don't tell the irs. i took a very low paying job at a tv station in scranton, pennsylvania. because it was hard to break into tv. so i had to work for peanuts but i knew that if i did good work i would rise up and that's what happened. now, nobody is forced to work in a fast food joint. do you that to get work place experience. then you figure out how to get a better job. that's how capitalism goes. you work your way up unless your dad owns the business. truth is, capitalism really hasn't changed all thatch over the years. prove yourself in the marketplace and your salary
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will rise however if you are incompetent, lazy or dishonest you are going to favment the left in america and that includes president obama wants the federal government to guarantee wages and if they could they would guarantee jobs. that is called socialism. the u.s. is a capitalist country. if you get educated and work hard, you will not be making minimum wage. do we all understand that? now i don't think our system is generally unjust or racist. i do believe, however, that it's not easy to make good money, big time salaries involve sacrifice, pain and commitment. but today many americans feel they are entitled to high paying jobs and if they don't secure them here come the charges of economic injustice and oppression by the fat cats. look there is oppression in almost everything. during my career up the tv ladder i moved 10 times in 15 years because if the work place where i was
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became unjust or unproductive. which it did in some cases i weren't some place else, and our come petteddive system gay me a chance to do that, let's stop the whining, shall we? this country offers huge opportunities seize them, and that's the memo how, now for reaction joining us from new york city video. from los angeles, ebony williams radio talk show host. ms. cims williams, where am i going wrong? one place you are veering off from is the fact in your example you talked about how you were a 17-year-old working for ice cream shop and took that as launching pad to move up. if we look at the current fast food industry these aren't just 17-year-old kids trying to work their way through the summer. we are talking about two thirds of this workforce, bill being women. of those women the median age range is 32. that let's us know these
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are not kids working their way through school. >> bill: why do you think a 32-year-old woman is working at mcdonald's or burger king? why? >> she is trying to provide for her. >> bill: no, no, no. why is that the job that they have applied for? why? >> well, probably because that is probably the skill set that they currently have. >> bill: all right. there you go. you just nailed it. because they can't do anything else. all right. so, take a tiching course. take a computer course. they are free, they are given. people have to get skills. all right? >> >> can i say i agree with you at that point? i agree with you there, bill you are right. in the meantime don't they need to be able to provide? >> look, i want the
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32-year-old mother working at mcdonald's to make the 15. personally i want it? >> great. >> bill: the unintended consequences of that is the big mack is going to go up a buck and so is everything else. all right? that's what's going to happen. mr. williams, where am i making a -- mr. benjamin, i'm sorry, where am i making a mistake in my talking points memo? >> well, bill, i just got back from these strikes here in new york city at union square and i met a woman who was making minimum wage trying to support her family as you suggest trying to get a better education difficult for her to do so. how old was this woman? >> around 34. mid 30's. >> how many children does she have? two. does she have a husband? is he working? that's the question question here. >> it's not illegal to have a husband in this country. >> bill: not illegal for anything. we are talking straight here. wrom 34 two children out of wedlock no husband and no
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meaningful -- >> -- we are making assumptions. >> i don't know that she is out of wedlock. the bottom line is she is just trying to improve herself like most americans and you can't do that on a minimum wage. as far as your talking points memo is concerned, i wish we could go back to that economy, too where the middle class wasn't hollowed out. where your productivity was fairly rewarded. o'er the last couple decades, we have seen workers work harder isn't rewarded back in the day. >> it will be rewarded if there is more jobs what drives wages up is the competition for jobs. the more jobs there are, the higher the salaries go. but if we had better salaries. >> you want the government instead to artificial system. >> if we had better salaries, folks would spend more, we would have more consumers and we would hire more. >> bill: but the company's profit margin drops.
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thereby, they higher fewer workers. >> no, look at cosco. >> mcdonald's has seen record profits. so we know it's not a question of profits. >> bill: no, no. you want the government to regulate what mcdonald's makes. mcdonald's is free to makes a much profit as it can. >> bill: ebony, go ahead. >> i was going to say that we know with cosco. >> you started with j. crew, right? >> absolutely. >> minimum wage, right? apparently you were very smart? school finished school at 16 and got a full ride to noirk. >> go tar heels. >> your education was paid for, right? >> it was. i had a mother fierce advocate in terms of education that i wouldn't have ordinarily. >> talking about the system now. the system did you wed mr. benjamin, you started
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at popeye's friday chicken and like me you probably got a couple of wings for free i did. >> you wind up going to stanford for your ph.d. and you got all kinds of scholarship money as well, did you not? here is the difference. i am not the average. i grew up with privilege. >> i didn't. >> even growing one privilege, i understand that the working class in this country does not have the same advantages that working. >> bill: what i'm trying to get across i didn't know your father went to yale and you were a guy of privilege. what i'm trying to get across to you, ms. williams and the millions of people around the world watching us tonight is that there is no economic injustice. it's a tough system, a competitive system. that's what whap tallism? is. >> >> that is true. >> we both admit. thank you.
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acknowledge. a k. we acknowledge, it's a tough system and no one said it should or would be easy. can we at least support, i had a single mom. i didn't come from privilege at all. i'm the first person in my family to finish school. i want to say that because she was supported by certain programming and she had some support in helping raise her only child i was able to get better breaks in life put me in a position to work hard and support myself. i want the same for every child in the country. >> 20 seconds here. we have a system looking out for corporations. these workers are wise and smart to strike to get a minimum wage so that they can live. i don't know anyone who can live on 7.25 per hour. if they were paid according to productivity they would be making at least $15 an hour. that's the difference. >> bill: everybody should become a lifeguard. just learn how to swim. directly ahead, as we continue from boston. the feds are suing the state of louisiana for giving minority kids scholarships. wait until you hear this. the factor returns from boston in just a few
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you may know there is intense debate to allow poor american children to receive money and use it to pay for private school that is called vouchers. teachers unions and many on the left oppose vouchers say they weaken public schools. some conservatives believe educational competition will make the public schools better. president obama and eric holder are siding with the left. now they have filed a lawsuit against louisiana over the voucher issue i talked with the governor bobby jindal last night. >> bill: why is the federal government taking the time and the expense pause all
5:24 pm
where paying to this. hey you can't give vouchers to your state is paying for it. we are going to stop you from doing that why is holder launching on that obama administration trying to protect poor minority kids trapped in failing schools. 8,000 kids getting these dislips. 100% of these are low income families, 100% of them coming from cd or f public schools. parents chose for a way to get education. 90% are minorities. we talk about equal opportunity in america, we are not providing it unless we provide every child the chance to get a great education it is ridiculous for the department of justice to listen to the government unions and teacher unions. this is all politics. it's all ideology. it's not about these kids. >> bill: all right. but i understand that holder believes the attorney general believes that by giving vouchers you
5:25 pm
throw off racially balance. holder is saying to enforce my civil rights mandated i have to stop governor jindal from giving the vouchers to the poor kids so they get out of public schools how do you reply to that. >> how backwards is that parents' wealth should have a great chance to g.e.d. education. one example they uses six african-american kids in saint martin parish in a public school getting an f letter grade. that means only at best half those kids are on grade level. those six kids got scholarships to go to other schools where parents thought they would get a better education. eric holder is saying no we have got to force them back into that failing public school to protect their civil rights. how is that protecting their civil rights, bill? i have met these nomination. moms are working multiple jobs that want their kids to get a great education. union leader says hey, look, patients don't have a clue when it comes to making choices for kids. told me tears in their eyes we make choices for kids
5:26 pm
every day. better in the bureaucrats baton rouge in washington, d.c. >> do you believe governor jindal in your heart that president obama and the attorney general of the united states eric holder are so cynical throw the kids under the busy want to curry favor with unions that throw at love money and support. >> there is no other explanation for this. 40,000 kids in charter schools. going after scholarship programs. incompetence or ideology the bottom line is they are going to hurt the kids we should be working hard it to serve and get a better education. if you believe in the american dream fight. eric holder wouldn't send these kids to these schools. parents who can afford to send their kids to private schools this f. that makes sense for them. give every child the chance to get a great education. >> bill: i support the voucher system people should know in louisiana you are not taking money away from public schools. this is another fund that
5:27 pm
you use to give these descrips a discretionary fund that argue. flies out. governor, thank you very much. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: the court hearing on 00 case tentatively set for september 19th. we will follow it for you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening from the commonwealth of massachusetts. from greg gutfeld hot on the trail of billy ray and miley cyrus. gutfeld is really worked up about this. ingraham on are minority americans lives not as important important as white americans? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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outrage over a montana judge sentence ago child rapist to 30 days in judge. judge baugh knew that the 14-year-old who was raped raped by 49-year-old teacher committed suicide but he imposed the sentence anyway. joining us from new york to talk about the case judge jeanine pirro. this judge baugh he is the grandson of a football legend same baugh. he made some was
5:32 pm
emotionally older than chronological age. he said she was as much as in control as the 49-year-old teach his or her raped her was suggest that the victim is the one responsible for the rape when, indeed, this teacher is convicted of rape. instead of sentencing him to an appropriate sentence of 25 years, the judge decides to give him 30 days. now, what is disgusting about this case, bill, is that the 14-year-old girl, at the age of 16, kills herself and commits suicide. so this judge decides, you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to say that this teacher should only get 30 days because after all he lost his teacher's job. the problem is everybody knew he was doing. this he had been reported as having done this before. and he now comes out and says after the national outrage i really didn't mean to say anything negative about her but the truth is the sentence was appropriate. bologna.
5:33 pm
>> >> is there anything the montanas can do to release this judge? >> were house and the senate except that legislature meets every other year if he runs for office again decide not to elect him or resign. he has already said, bill, he will not resign. >> bill: this is a guy that should not be on the bench. >> the girl is 14 instead of 12. and that's what's happening in another case here in mass pass we will get to in a moment. i just say to the people of montana, impeach him. >> absolutely. here in massachusetts. jamie menendez raped another 14-year-old. okay? that woman is now older. she is now 19, i believe. her name is being withheld.
5:34 pm
>> of course. >> this girl was a catholic school girl when she was raped and she got pregnant, had the baby. now, this melendez wants custody. some kind of custody rights in this case. >> yeah. >> bill: what's going to happen? >> this is what happened. this man that you are looking at on the screen right now was convicted of rape. he is a 20-year-old who raped an 8th grader there was no relationship between the two of them. he happened to know the sister of one of those young girl's friends and knew that her mother works. so apparently went in and there raped her and threatened her if she said anything. now the criminal court judge made a decision and bill i have been a criminal court judge and family court judge. he makes a decision to send this case to family court, maybe because he thinks that the right sentence will be for this guy to stand up and support this child. essentially, what the judge did was he said to a convicted rapist, i am now going to reward you by giving you a family. by giving you the say over
5:35 pm
where this child goes to school. what healthcare she gets, where she lives, and the mother is saying, wait a minute, i am the victim here, i don't want him. >> bill: mother doesn't want anything to do with him. >> serve a lot of time in prison either. >> they gave him probation, bill for 16 years during the course of the probation he pays child support. >> bill: because the judge took it out and put it in family court then all those mandatories and the judge knew that. >> of course. >> bill: i only have 30 seconds left. why do you think these guys are doing it. these judges? what is it that they have inside them that they won't punish child rapists. >> they don't get it. >> bill: there has got to be than they don't get it? >> they sit in their ivory tower. they don't feel for victims. it's one case after another. a conviction is just a statistic to them and they don't punish in accordance with the underlying crime. it's time for the public to
5:36 pm
get outraged. >> bill: i think these judges are sociopathic. i think they have no feeling. >> i think they have gotten to that point. i absolutely agree. >> bill: right. it's the judges up here. that's what's wrong. just because you are a judge doesn't mean you are a decent human being and you have judgment just because you are a judge. >> i agree. absolutely. >> luckily you do judge thanks for coming on. >> bill: when we come right back the judge in -- maryland says lives of minorities are not as important as white americans. laura ingraham with more on that in just a moment. ries perg and real cream, the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy.
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memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. >> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting from england. a very controversial statement from the goch of maryland martin o'malley at the king event yesterday. the work of justice is you are jest. did is real. and it is needed will the there be no comfort in our country for the bigotry of cold indifference for there are still too many lives in america taken from us by violence. still too many children in america who go to bed hungry, who go to school hungry. still, too much apathy when the lives of people of
5:41 pm
color are too often valued less than the lives of white people. >> bill: joining us now from washington with analysis laura ingraham. what do you think o'malley is getting at there? it's a generalized statement but what is his specific point? >> yeah, well, i think implicit in his message, he might have well have named named is that the republican party just doesn't care about minorities. blacks can't get a fair shake in the judicial system and that basically conservatives just don't value black life or black achievement. and what i say to that is, first of all, it's pathetic, it's sad, and it's incredibly divisive and unhelpful. conservative policies have been targeted to all americans to help all americans up from a difficult time in poverty, including one of the most basic things that we have talked about before, bill, which is education. and if martin o'malley would like to just talk about that one issue, he should look at the road
5:42 pm
blocks to reform that exist across the united states today which are in the democrat's pocket and of course i'm talking about the teacher's unions places like d.c. and chicago. i mean it's ridiculous. >> bill: o'malley is a guy who throws the bombs. won't come on this program and won't explain himself. >> of course not. >> bill: i would like him to explain this for president obama things under president obama economically have gotten a lot worse. median income down 11%. unemployment, poverty rate 26%. black labor participation rate in the economy. >> a disaster. >> bill, i will tell you why -- >> bill: the policies of president 'and the democrats are failing black americans. but, he does have a point in this way. o'malley does. the media. if you are a risen white heiress and you get murdered, page one. in chicago, you know, the national media ignores this holocaust going on. >> i would say there is a different reason. there are a couple of
5:43 pm
reasons for that it's not because the media is racist, right? i don't even think it's because the media don't value black life. it's because of the sensationalism and the also because if they cover this kind of crime actually have to go a step further and say why is this type of crime, is this brutality so disportion natalie affecting minority communities in the united states and then you have to say well, what can we look at? can we look at family issues? can we look at family breakdown? they don't want to touch that that's why martin o'malley, bill, won't come on your show. and i predict he will never come on your show. >> bill: he will never -- the guy can't stand up to me. >> bill, with you forget it he is not going to do it >> bill: i'm going to disagree with you on the media. >> i see what you are saying. >> if the media cared about african-american deaths they would cover it and push like we are pushing for solutions. >> bill, they have to hold up to the mirror to do that they don't care about black
5:44 pm
people. >> dr. king, i know you talked about it before martin luther king jr. she came on radio with me today it and we talked about a cold hard fact not addressed at this rally. not the crime issue. that's a big one. crime of 16 million preborn black children who are not here today. no one is speaking for them. there is no voice raised in their defense or in tribute to them. >> bill: the amount of african-american babies who are aborted. >> this is disproportionately obscenely higher rate of abortion in the black community and used to be that civil rights leaders would celebrate ribbon cutting ceremonies at banking institutions that opened in inner cities, at businesses and at churches. today we see people on the left in the, quote, modern day liberal civil rights establishment celebrating or honoring planned parenthood for opening up a clinic in the inner city. now, whether martin luther king would celebrate that today, i'm not going to venture a guess on that, but to have no voice raised in defense of those
5:45 pm
children at the rally yesterday, that tells you a lot. a lot. >> laura: all right, laura, thanks as always we appreciate it gutfeld is on deck. the father of miley cyrus finally comments on his daughter's lewd tv appearance. gutfeld wants to talk about it, we will let him. next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened? we have two very interesting situations for you. beginning with the miley cyrus deal. joining us from new york, greg gutfeld, bernard mcguirk off this receiving. gutfeld, there is a lot in play here. i want to just walk through this because a lot of people say oh this is just trivial, why do you, the factor being the most elevated program in the world as you know. >> true. >> bill: why are you dealing with this, that kind of thing.
5:49 pm
let's start with father. let's start with the father aspect. i write my newspaper column available on bill o' right now about the role of a father, even with a 20-year-old girl, that the father's responsible for guiding his children in a certain direction. and billy ray cyrus, to me, looks adrift here. what dues? >> when you look at billie ray how could you not be surprised with that hair? he hasn't made -- he hasn't made some prudent decisions in his own life when it comes to appearance. here is the problem. parental support is important but part of that support is telling your kid when he is screwing up you don't say hey, my kid screwed up and i would do the same thing, which is what he told her yesterday. he said he would. but at least you know where miley gets her brains from him. when you look at this, madonna rolled over in her grave and she is not even dead yet. >> bill: madonna is mad because she didn't think of
5:50 pm
it it. >> bill, see that foam finger? do you know they had to take that to it a lab and disinfect it? >> whatever it is. >> this woman, miley cyrus that wants to be madonna and gaga. she wants attention. but i don't care about her so much because i think she is a troubled young woman. she has done a series of thing that is are trouble iing. she makes a drug reference in her latest song. she makes a reference to molly. a young woman died in a club here in boston from taking this
5:51 pm
drug. her father has an obligation to try to get the girl under control and in public he is certainly not do that go. so here is my question to you, should we scorn billy ray cyrus? >> i don't know. how do you scorn something that is not getting attention already? >> i'm talking about him. you know that this is a giant global pay back for "achey breaky heart". they will remember this of her twerking. here is the thing. she tried too hard. that is the problem here. she wants to be seen as different from how she was in the world of disney. she is out-of-control and the father isn't in public again trying to restrain the daughter.
5:52 pm
anyway, read my column. i think it is an important issue. let's get to aaron hernandez he is in prison for murder. he fulfilled his contract to the patriots and part of it said that if he worked out in the off son he would be paid $82,000. i guess in between bouts of murder he did work out and now the nfl player's union wants the $82,000 for her nan dez who is in prison. >> i don't know why he needs the money he already made a killing. but in one sense he kind of deserves it. he did go to those work outs. there were five sets of stabbings and four sets of shootings. this shows you how sportsmanship has essentially gonna way. the good old days of sportsmen only caring about sports has given way to the nba and pro
5:53 pm
baseball -- pro football they have become mtv but with more tattoos. >> and the union guidelines say that come on. the guy is charge wednesday hed homicide and you are saying that the team has to pay him? isn't there a no homicide contract across the news? >> they have that at fox news. >> all right thank you as always. up next i made a his take last night it is true and i have to own up. in the tip. two minutes redone the house. it's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time
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5:56 pm
night in a moment. >> we have slashed prices on everything so much so that i am appalled. stock up now on gifts for the fall and winter the sale ends on sunday. also my website taking advanced orders now on "killing jesus". or "killing lincoln", or "killing kennedy". you get to choose. now to mail. >> what i'll say the syrian people should rise up. it is their fault he is still in power. however, if the us and nato want to remain credible in the world.
5:57 pm
we saw with the parliament, they are waiting around. ron babcock: >> that is a difficult question. doug nash. south carolina. heidi from washington. just like anything else. facebook can be abused but if you have a healthy out look you can control it. you were right, bill, if someone is unhappy with the lack of likes that person has a bigger problem.
5:58 pm
>> my brother died unexpectedly i could not get home for the funeral. we are sorry for your loss. mary an as a high school teacher for 34 years can definitely say social media is hurting her students. >> i appreciate that james. and apparently one of the low rated hosts on msnbc tweeted that abraham lincoln would quote hate bill o'reilly. possibly guess but what president lincoln really despised was desperation. finally tonight, the tip of the day. last night during my discussion with james carvil i said there were no republican speakers
5:59 pm
invited. i was wrong. some were asked to speak and they declined. they should have spoken. the mistake entirely on me. i simply assumed since all the speakers were liberal democrats that the republicans were left out. always check the facts before you make a definitive statement. and when you make a mistake admit it. i'm sorry. i know you watch the factor for accuracy. that is it for us tonight. please check out the website. we would like you to spout off from anywhere in the world. word of the day from the latin do not be puerile when writing to us. i had to take las continue lat
6:00 pm
school. something. didn't do well. it was tragic. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here in massachusetts because we are definitely looking out for you. >> this is a fox news alert just a short time ago members of the obama administration briefed members of the -- in syria. he has not said what if any military action he will take in syria. lawmakers voted against military action which is a huge defeat to british prime minister james cameron. >> john, lawmakers who received that briefing this evening said